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On tour...

Soon, we will be leaving these shores. Monterey: Sleaze Otter. Look for the Savalas Patch in the dark corners...


telly savalas players club proudly present the savalaspatch.

perfectly designed for sewing on something appropriate or just for looking at. we've rubbed them vigorously imbue the savalasmusk in each one.

Patches are £2.50 - each.
Postage is £0.50 for UK and £1.50 for non-UK - per shipment.

You do the math.

strictly limited edition. get them while they're hot.


check back on the 25th. that's when it begins to happen.

the 25th.

don't call it a comeback

ladies love cool james had a point.

it's not a comeback, we've been here for years.

look out for some tspc product coming at you soon. it'll be nice and it'll be strictly limited edition and it'll be cheap and you'll want it.

in the meantime. what made you forget that we was raw?